Sunday, January 12, 2020


I chose this lovely blog layout following a truly inspiring visit to The Getty museum exhibit of Manet's later years. Going to such events feeds my soul with a much needed "shot" of culture, a perfect brief getaway from everyday work and life. Add to this the LA Opera and concerts at the Hollywood Bowl and you have a perfect formula for enlightened experiences to delight the senses. All of this serves to stimulate my creativity for writing on every sort of topic imaginable.

My New Blog

I have been blogging for my clients over the past five years. But, aside from my own company website,, I never ventured out into the wider blog sphere. Then, I found myself applying for a new freelance writing position and, Voila, a blogspot was required! So, here I am. This has motivated me to keep it going... Stay tuned to more posts in the near future as I share my musings about writing and editing and whatever.