Friday, November 27, 2020

Writing to Beat the Pandemic Holiday Blues

Holidays can bring on the blues, as we miss loved ones no longer with us. This is especially so for those who have lost family members or friends to COVID-19. And my heart goes out to you, as I am no stranger to loss. Then, there's the daunted expectations, when others don't show up, or act the way we want, or buy the right gift.

This year brings the added challenge of isolation, as we attempt to celebrate apart from one another. After the Zoom sessions are over (and believe me, they are great mood lifters), how can we cope with feelings of doom and gloom as we move forward to a (hopefully) brighter 2021?

I believe that writing is a great remedy and a way to find solace this time of year, or actually at any time. As a professional writer, I have writing projects I'm working on for clients, in addition to my novel writing endeavor. Both of these activities help me forget about the virus, if only for a short while. I get in the "zone" and the next time I look up, it's hours later!

You can do the same by writing in a journal, composing a letter or email to a friend you haven't seen in awhile, or something cool I've heard of lately...take the perspective of being 100 years old, and write advice to your "younger self." Besides being cathartic experiences, you will be surprised how uplifting it can be to get your thoughts down on paper (rather, into the computer).

Finally, try writing your goals for the coming year. This is more than casually making new year's resolutions that more often than not are forgotten. It means coming up with measurable actions and steps you can take to accomplish specific, attainable goals. Then refer back to your list in the months ahead. Things may change, and goals may be adapted, but the written word makes it more real.

Happy Holidays! and

Happy Writing!

Your writing partner,