Monday, May 18, 2020

Write That Book -- NOW

Who hasn't ever thought of writing a book? I agree with the premise that we all have a book inside of us. And what better time to get those thoughts down on paper...

In the Writing Group I formed early in the pademic, fellow writers are seizing the opportunity to make progress with the books that were previously just thoughts mulling around in their head and waiting to be expressed in a coherent manner. We have been supporting each other to develop plot, characters, and dialog that are taking shape more and more each time we meet. Whether writing a straight-up novel, mystery, children's book, non-fiction, or memoir, it's a challenge to engage the reader and keep it going, chapter after chapter. Having another writer's perspective and feedback is valuable, as it can be all too easy to give up due to your own uncertainty or lack of confidence. Afterall, baring your soul by telling a story to millions of strangers can be intimidating. Personally, I was quite surprised to find that my group members are actually enjoying my storytelling. That gives me the needed courage to soldier on.

I urge you to spread your wings and start writing, on your own or in a group forum setting, to see if it's for you. While getting something widely published is an admiral goal, sometimes writing just for yourself, your family, or circle of friends is enough satisfaction. And these days, it doesn't even have to be a full-blown book; there is blog writing, for example, or more casual social media posts, that are great outlets for getting your ideas out there. During COVID-19, people are also using diaries as a vehicle to document thisextraordinary time and write down their thoughts (or even dreams) for the benefit of catharsis. 

So, find your niche and start writing...NOW!


P.S. Let me know if you'd like information on starting a Writer's Group, or if you want help editing your book (