Monday, October 12, 2020

Building Blocks of Success: Quality & Integrity

In good times and bad, the basic building blocks of quality and integrity pay off immensely. It behooves all of us to apply these key factors that both drive new business and help ensure repeat business. As the economy starts to recover, it will be those individuals and companies that can be counted on for their commitment to quality and integrity, who will survive and get to bid on new projects.

High quality products and services

When you commit to delivering a high-quality product or service. you are promising your customers that no matter what, you will not skimp on quality. Even in the face of low budgets and quick turnaround times, you make it a top priority to maintain the highest quality practices that meet industry standards and/or customer requirements.

In my writing business, for example, I am known for consistently providing world-class marketing materials for Fortune 500 companies. Due to my years of experience, I can hit the ground running and meet deadlines, while staying within budget constraints. Because I write quickly, without sacrificing quality, my clients come back again and again to get dependable results and save money. 

An integrity mindset

Simply put, integrity is saying what you'll do, and then doing what you say. Also known as "walking the talk." By adopting this mindset, you are promising to listen to your customers' needs, I mean really listen, and follow through with meeting those needs. Nothing less will do when you are serious about having integrity.

In my writing business, for example, I strive to get it right, or as close to right as possible, the first time. That shows I paid attention and care about hitting the target, with the desired tone and content, for the intended audience and purpose. I cannot tell you how many times I've been called in to make things right after time and money was wasted because the mark was missed simply due to a lack of understanding.

What do you promise your clients?

It's never too late to up your quality and integrity game. This is the ideal time to do so, as you prepare for the future return to business. Whether that means business as usual, or a "new normal,"  these same key factors will impact your successful outcome. So, start now by making promises to customers, bosses, and co-workers that you stand for quality and integrity in all that you do.

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Deborah Long