Monday, January 25, 2021


We have recently seen how much power our president has just by virtue of the spoken word. As individuals, we have similar power in what we say to ourselves and each other. Taking it a step further, "You are what you say you are." Whether you're a writer, public speaker, or business leader, this concept can work for you, in every aspect of your life!

In the business realm, it can help boost confidence (internally) and let others know what you stand for (externally). If you don't step out there and openly declare who you are, it leaves room for speculation. On the other hand, when you boldly take responsibility for owning your brand, you get to control what other people think of you.

It starts early in life, when you apply for that college you wish you could go to. How you portray yourself in a 500-word essay can override any test scores; it's that powerful a tool. Follow that up with applying for your first job (and every job thereafter) with a powerful resume and cover letter, along with an in-person/Zoom interview, where you get to tell "your story." 

It's not considered bragging (and so what if it is) when you tell the truth about yourself, don't hold back, give it your all. Both the written and spoken word have equal power! So, be brave, be bold, speak up, and speak out in ways that positively and powerfully define who you are. We all need to let our voices be heard. If not now, when? 

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